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Vidmate is best Android app that helps  to users search any type of content like videos, music apps and photoes, download searched video,  audio and photoes content from several entertainment websites, including Facebook, YouTube, Vine, Vimeo, Dailymotion, TikTok etc.

App NameVidmate APP
VersionNew Version
File Size23.5 MB
Total Downloads100,00000+
FeaturesFree Video Downloads
Last update1 hour Ago


Vidmate apk is best downloader for videos and music downloading and its is free sourse. For millions of people worldwide, their main form of fun is Watching videos, listening to music and downloads apps. Vidmate app is best and latest application for users, its gives easy way to download videos, music, photoes and apps. Vidmate apk is not like other paid or difficult for user to use likely and easy as free of cost. Searching for a good media collection manager and download partner that can help you to find and save any kind of video for offline viewing? This VidMate video downloader is the best option available to you! if you can do your videos as scure it do lock the content which downloaded any kind of person can’t see this videos or music. Vidmate is best downloader app its new version launched also in 2024. With the help of this Vidmate app, users can download as many audio and video files as possible, giving this opportunity to enjoy music and videos to the maximum.

Features of Vidmate Apk 2024

Video Downloads

VidMate is an Android app for downloading videos. It is the most famous Android streaming apps according to number of downloads. You may watch videos, the newest films, TV shows, anime, etc. with this app. More than fifty websites, including youtube, facebook, instagram, tiktok, Vimeo and dailymotion , allow you to download videos.

Music Downloads

Using vidmate apk can download easyly music, user can’t download any other app for download music specialy for music. When user download music can multiple file download at same time and can you scure your music.

Multiple Format Support

You can watch Live TV show and series on VidMate. Multiple channels are available, such as Movie, Music, Image, Status, apps and so on. You can follow and stay up to date with what interests you the first time around with the help of the helpful suggestion system and subscribe feature.

Fast Download Speeds

VidMate apk gives ability to download files fast makes unique. Thus, you won’t have to wait a long time to download your favourite song, video, or image in high definition when you locate it. With VidMate, you may download anything from little videos to long movies quickly and effectively, because they value your time. Vidmate app download multiple file at same time very fast if you closed the app its downloading speed will contining.

In-built Browser

Vidmate apk helps you access and search for videos directly within the app thanks to its built-in browser and search engine. The feature makes it easier to find and download content from websites without exiting the app. Sometimes user download content from other site in google so vidmate having Google Browser search bar . When user visit any type of website through vidmate app download its content.

Live TV Streaming

Vidmate app in which you can watch some of your favourite TV shows in along with movies. The best part is that you can watch these shows anytime you want using this Vidmate 2024 app, so you’ll never miss the most recent episode of your favourite app. It will be especially important to mention in this context that you have access to the best television networks worldwide.

Offline Mode

Vidmate app watch downloaded content like videos, music, and photoes in Offline Mode. Other app have not this feature and not a paid. User can use easly in offline mode any movies or music. Sometimes user have no internet connection so, user can watch those videos which downloaded before and work as player in offline mode.

Built-in Video Player

Vidmate app work as Built in Video Player videos or music watch directly in vidmate player. In vidmate player user can secure your videos and music as hiden form. Vidmate player do supports various vide formate which you can download and give playback speed, change subtitles and audio tracks and create its playlist.

Customizable Download Settings

In Vidmate user can adjest download formate directly guaranteed to receive the highest-quality files 720P, 1080p HD ,4K and Mp3 as so on. Vidmate provide customized option to change speed and playback music in download setting.

High Quality Downloads

It’s possible to search, watch, and download video files more than 50 videos any kind of website that user find most vidoes. For example, million of websites as well as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymoon, Vine, and tiktok etc allow you to download videos in high definition. As a result, you are guaranteed to receive the highest-quality files 720P, 1080p HD and 4K in addition to having the most alternatives for downloading video files.

Batch Downloading

Vidmate app provide most latest and unique feature user can download multiple files at same time and and watch videos in vidmate player which downloaded. User can change all files videos quality and formates at same time.

Background Downloading

Vidmate provide best feature as Background Download when minimized the app. When user minimize app which files downloading show on above notification. Sometime User having enough time to give application so, user only start downloading multiples file at same time and minimize the app and files continue without any error

Download Manager

Vidmate apk work as best dowload manager and user make its fast and download afficiently. User can donload, pause, start, and cancel any time. In vidmate multiple files download at same time.

Advantages Of Vidmate Apk 2024

User-friendly Interface

The layout of the Vidmate app is easy to use and user-friendly. It is simple for users to download and search for videos, music and photoes. Vidmate is a best featureed application that offers multiple options for downloading and using multimedia files. It’s a complete tool for organising and using multimedia information, with an easy-to-use interface, fast downloads, and extra capabilities like live TV streaming and video editing.

Social Media Integration

Vidmate apk give facilty to share your download content on socila media. user can easily use and share your content with friends through social media. Vidmate apk gives every type of content without having any watermark or paid subscription and gives feature to share this content on social media and friends

Popular Site Compatibility

Download vidmate apk have wide range of content downloading any sites. user can download videos from other sites which present on google supports like facebook, youtube, tiktok, instagram, vimo, dailymotion and etc.

Secure Downloads

Vidmate apk have most uniqe feature to secure downloaded videos and give user pin for watching those videos which add security. Any other people can’t access those videos which scure in vidmate apk.

Automatic Updates

Regular updates are made to this video player to improve functionality and add new features. These upgrades guaranteed the app’s continued security and functionality. Vidmate apk gives multiples update and new features in every year and this app update automatic.

Playlist Creation

In Vidmate user can create playlist and manage to customize the search experience. In playlist multiples files added to watch. When user create playlist of file then user iditify and find your files easly.

Night Mode

Vidmate have night mode option for user at night time. User manage the light of Vidmte at night time give low light beacuase high light effact on eye of user.

Subtitle Support

Vidmate best feature to support subtitles videos. User can download videos with subtitles easly in 2024. Vidmate apk give multiples languages subtitles which you need.

Automatic Updates

Regular updates are made to this Vidmate video player to improve functionality and add new features. These upgrades guaranteed the app’s continued security and functionality.

Status and Picture Saver

Do you ever fear that an amusing Whatsapp status or a beautiful Instagram photoes. Becuse status will delete in one day. Vidmate now makes it simple for you to save social media status updates and images on your Android phone permanently! In addition, Vidmate’s website features a photo channel that features a variety of image download high-quality images from there.

Some Unique Features Of Vidmate

Built-in Video Player

Its is most best feature of Vidmate apk play the video in vidmate apk and change its speed ad audio tracks and add subtitles. Vidmate apk downloader is best app when user minimize the app then music playing continue in this app. Vidmate app is customizeable app like user. User can change this player and adjest your need.

Private Space

Vidmate apk Downloader and player secure your private videos which you can watch videos only you and hide all file. Sometime user having private videos so, user having fear about video any people not seen. Vidmate apk having best feature to save and secure all videos in private space. Any other other app not have this feature to download videos and secure this videos.

Built-in Audio and Video Converter

This amazing function of his video downloader app allows you to quickly convert any video file that you find here into an MP3 file. You don’t need to download any external applications or third-party tools for that. This app has this feature available.

Smart Download Manager

In vidmate apk user can change videos quality and its speed music tracks it is a good feature of vidmate. Vidmate app can not run ads every time other on every steps. Vidmate can download very fast and high quality like user reference. If user internet quilty is better it perform more better than other app.


Vidmate apk block the ads automaticaly which add in videos. User can watch any type of content without showing ads in videos or music or other. If you watch videos any other plateform like youtube, facebook, and any other website its show ads in every 4 mint but when you those video in vidmate apk it can block video ads and show freely and downloads all videos.

Smart Clipboard Detection

Vidmate apk 2024 auto detect the link which user provide in search bar of vidmate apk. its clickboard detection is very smart and easy to use. Vidmte apk having more beautifull and easy to understand user interface like website.

Content Recommendation

Vidmate apk Provides personalized recommendations based on user search and watch. When user search any type of content at once then vidmate gives content recommendation and show its again and its relivent.

Scheduled Downloads

In Vidmate apk user Set specific times for automatic content downloading. 80% user having less time to downloads the videos and set to downloads videos becuase largest file taking highest time, so Vidmate give schedule feature to download largest file.

Customizable Themes

Vidmate android app Change the app’s layout by adding different themes. Vidmate user interface is very easy to understand but some time any user can’t understand so, it can change its theme and customized its layout.

Floating Window

User can do multiple task at the same time watching videos, download videos , and minimize the app and vidmate work as proper. Sometime user are very busy and can’t use this in duty time , so user can only start the download button then minimize this app its be download without any error. When user having time then see the downloaded videos.

Various Media Resources

Thousands of media sources are available for free download, streaming, or watch all type of content. There is a Category menu bar at the top of the page. There are many channels available, such as Image, Status, Music, Movies, and apps. On VidMate, you can also watch live TV shows and series.The in-app subscription feature and the efficient suggestion system allow you to follow and stay up to date on the content that initially captures your interest.

In app videos player

In Vidmate app user can watch downloaded videos in Vidmate without any media player download. User interface of Vidmate is very is to understand without having any technical knowlege about this app.User can simpley download This apk and enjoy this plateform.

Pros and Cons


⦁ Unlimited downloads
⦁ Multiple channels streaming
⦁ Videos to Audio conversion
⦁ Unlimited website capeable
⦁ Works as player
⦁ Secure private videos


⦁ Vidmate app can’t edit videos
⦁ Can’t download premium website videos
⦁ Availability limited to Android devices.
⦁ Videos copyright

How to Use Vidmate

  • Install: Download VidMate from My Official Website.
  • Search: Use the app’s provided search tool to find the music or movie you want.
  • Download: Select the format that you want when you click the download button.
  • Enjoy: You can open and enjoy your downloaded videos at any time!

FAQs Of Vidmate 2024

Is Vidmate apk a safe app?

Really, with practically all of the best features at its service, Vidmate is without a doubt the safe application without having any issue. Becuase this app work proper in 10 year ago you don’t have doubt to question the app’s reliability.

Why not is Vidmate apk available on Google Play Store?

No, it is not available on Google Play Store; the reason for this is that it is a third-party application and provide multiple contents.

Is Vidmate apk available for iOS and PC?

VidMate is not now suitable with PCs or iOS devices. If you wish to use our app on your computer or laptop, you might need to install Android Emulators.

How to Install VidMate Apk?

When you install any type of app from google play for the first time, you could receive a warning. Please enable Unknown sources under Settings->Security.

How to download Vidmate apk from the apk file?

To download the VidMate app’s APK file, listen to the instructions provided:

  • Start by clicking on this link.
  • Get the APK file downloaded.
  • Select Settings now.
  • Make Unknown Sources active.
  • Accept the conditions as stated.
  • Confirm the necessary authorization.
  • Install the application.

Is it possible to download multiple video at same time?

Yes, you can download up to 5 videos or films at once with this application. This software offers fast download speeds if your internet connection is strong.


Vidmate apk is best and strong video downloader application it gives more easy to understand feature to download Videos, music, photoes, app, and etc. Vidmate apk provide high quality content 144p to 4k and Mp3 formates. User can watch and download TV show, and movies from any types of website using advance technology. User can download Videos and change its speed and edit its type video to mp3 and enjoy without ads this app. Vidmate apk regularly updates and give new content and more feature so, it is greate choice of user to select this app having multiples feature at once app but Download this trusted website.